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Supporting Elizabeth Court Nursing Home

Sixth Form students from Woldingham School visit Elizabeth Court Nursing Home three times a week for an hour from the Autumn to the Spring term to talk and listen to residents. They also play card and board games and sometimes assist with the residents' mealtimes.


This project provides the students and care home residents with social interaction and fosters a partnership between the school and the local community.


The idea for the partnership was introduced by the school's Chaplain in 2014.


The students are taken to the care home by the Chaplain using the school's minibus.


The students gain in confidence from working and establishing friendships with the elderly residents.  They also gain a better understanding of old age and conditions such as dementia which can be useful for students wishing to study medicine at University or to take part on the DofE scheme.

Pupil Involvement

Woldinghams' sixth form girls are aged from 16-18.