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Supporting chess (Thames Ditton Junior School, Thames Ditton)

Twickenham Preparatory School runs up to six major chess tournaments at the school during the course of each academic year. These tournaments are open to all pupils of all schools and are organised in conjunction with Richmond Junior Chess Club.


To support chess for all pupils in the borough of Richmond by providing a free venue for chess competitions to take place. The school also supports inter-school tournaments which include pupils from other boroughs and areas.


The school initiated the idea of providing a free venue for chess tournaments. This arrangement has been ongoing for many years now.


There is a sharing of resources between the school and Richmond Junior Chess Club. However the school covers all costs including cleaning and provides catering at these events. Twickenham Prep teaching staff are involved in ensuring the events run smoothly.



There is a high take-up of entries for these events. For example a school event held in January 2016 attracted well over 150 pupils.

Pupil Involvement

All ages, although most events are for pupils aged between 11 and 16.


Two or three times each term.