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Suffolk Community Foundation

The newly formed, pupil-led School Charity Committee has launched its plans to raise funds £15,000 for the Suffolk Community Foundation this academic year.

The Suffolk Community Foundation is one of 48 Community Foundations in the UK which are collectively the fastest growing UK-wide funders of local charities and voluntary organisations.

SCF provides the opportunity to give right to the heart the local community, address the widest possible range of issues and intervene in the hardest to reach communities. It does not compete with other local charities, but instead acts as a hub to channel funds directly to them. The Royal Hospital School will be one of many local organisations and individual donors who will help to build endowment funds for local communities so that projects that enhance the quality of life and have lasting impact can be sustained.

Throughout the year the SCF will advise the School Charity Committee on which local charities would most benefit from funds raised and provide the chance for pupils to visit projects to see exactly how these funds can make a difference.

The first fundraising challenge coordinated by the Committee was to find as many hats as they could, and volunteers to wear them, with £1 being raised for each hat worn contributing towards this year’s fundraising target.