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Student work experience (Stocksfield Avenue Primary School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Students from Dame Allan’s Schools take part in community service and work experience schemes, including working in local primary schools. This is a popular programme involving a range of schools:


2015-16        2 students at Wingrove Road Primary              Weekly


                        1 student at Stocksfield Avenue Primary        Weekly


                        1 student at St Paul CofE Primary                     Weekly




2014-15         1 student at Kelvin Grove Primary                    Weekly


                        1 student at Percy Hedley School                      5 days work experience


                        1 student at Broomhaugh CofE First School    4 days work experience


                        2 students at Newcastle Prep School               5 days each (10 days) work experience


                        1 student Wyndham Primary School                5 days work experience




2013-14        1 student at Beaufront First School                  5 days work experience


                       1 student at Hadrian School                              5 days work experience


                       1 student at Trinity School Gosforth                5 days work experience