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STEM Boxes

The STEM Boxes programme provides a ‘library’ of resources to be borrowed by schools for up to 2 weeks at a time. Up to 30 boxes are available containing subject specific apparatus, pupil resources and information sheets for teachers. The aim is to offer quality resources that schools would not be able to purchase alone and to support non-specialist teachers in making effective use of these. 

Resources are hosted in 3 Hubs (Kettering, Oundle and Peterborough) with each Hub holding around 1/3 of the boxes each term and rotating thereafter. The boxes cover topics including software development, engineering, anatomy and electronics as well as 30 VR Headsets linked to the Google Expeditions programme.

Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has hampered our roll out of this project, resource distribution to our first group of schools will begin as lockdown is lifted in the coming months. We are looking to have the whole project fully operational by September 2021. From this point, schools will be invited to book resources through an online system.