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STEM booster classes

In August 2019, three members of our Senior School staff provided summer holiday Maths and Science GCSE booster classes on behalf of Generating Genius 


Generating Genius works with young people who are under-represented in Higher Education and focus on those with a black African or Caribbean heritage. It seeks to support those who wish to proceed to STEM-related degrees. The project's aim was to support the organisation's work in this area


Generating Genius approach the HMC and requested help in the Spring of 2019. IPS responded to this request and, in Easter 2019, provided assistance for its GCSE Revision Classes. The Summer Holidya Booster classes were a natural progression of this involvement.


3 members of our full-time staff gave up part of their summer holiday to assist. The classes lasted either a full or half day. IPS paid the participating teachers for their time and commitment. 


Informal feedback, collected from the pupils who attended the classes, was extremely positive indeed. They said that they'd enjoyed the classes very much and had learnt much from them.

Pupil Involvement

14-16 year old pupils participated in the bookster classes.


We hope to continue our work with Generating Genius on into the future.