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Stamford School - Beginners German Course (Malcolm Sargent Primary School)


Over the four week course students learn to say basic things in German.  Each week a different aspect of German culture is dealt with especially in the run up to Christmas, Halloween etc




Promoting German and showing language opportunities at SES.  Students in Y5 and 6 in local primary schools as German is not offered in most primary school.  Primary schools should offer foreign languages but in most cases this is restricted to French and/or Spanish




We took part in the outreach programme at SHS in 2012 and found that one session was too little to do anything meaningful.  We therefore decided to offer a short course.  It started in November 2013




Use of the language lab as the children enjoy it.  IT have been very supportive in ensuring everything works properly.


Pupil Involvement


9 and 10 years old