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St Gabriel's/Woolton Hill Junior School - Mandarin Chinese outreach

An outreach programme of Mandarin Chinese language and culture is delivered by one of our Mandarin Chinese teachers (native speaker). She will visit Woolton Hill school once per week for a term, to deliver 45 min sessions for Year 4/5 pupils. 


To strengthen links with our local feeder Primary schools.

To share the expertise of our teachers so that more young people get the chance to experience learning a non-European language and to broaden their cultural horizons.

We hope this block of lessons will inspire some of the pupils to continue learning the language or take it up later in their school career.



We have previously delivered a successful outreach Classics programme to many local feeder schools and now wish to offer something different, which we believe will be equally interesting and challenging for local pupils. 


Willingness of the teacher to devise and deliver the programme.

Availabilty on the timetable for these lessons to take place and for the teachet to be released from Senior school commitments.

No cost to primary school.


The teacher will ask for some  feedback/evaluation from the pupils at the end of the block of lessons.

Pupil Involvement

Year 4/5. Boys and girls. 


Weekly lessons for 45 mins for a period of approximately one term. We hope this will lead to further links.