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St. Andrew's: Sharing Facilities with WHCC

St. Andrew's School has shared its facilities with Woking and Horsell Cricket Club for many years. The cricket club use the brand new (Sept 2016) cricket nets and St. Andrew's provide a hired portaloo for their use. The grounds are also occasionally used for matches on a Sunday. St. Andrew's children also use the facilities of Woking & Horsell Cricket Club for some matches.


The aims of the partnership are to share our facilities with as many children as possible in the local community. Woking and Horsell Cricket Club attracts a wide range of children from many local schools who come together to enjoy and learn to play cricket. 

We identified that Woking and Horsell Cricket Club needed more space for training on a Friday evening. In turn, we needed an additional cricket square for some of our matches in the summer term. This arrangement is therefore mutually beneficial.

The beneficiaries are many children in the local community and the children at St. Andrew's.




The facilities shared by the school include:

- cricket nets

- cricket square (occasionally on a Sunday)

- toilet facilities (paid for by the school)

- admin time to co-ordinate arrangements and facilities officer time to check and lock up the grounds.


The fact that this partnership has been operating for so many years indicates the level of need and success of the arrangement.

Pupil Involvement

This benefits local boys and girls from Year 1 up to age 17. The boys from St. Andrew's in Years 5-8 use the cricket square at Woking and Horsell Cricket Club.


This is an ongoing partnership throughout the cricket season.