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St. Andrew's School: Pares Woodland Project (HRA)

St. Andrew's School has worked with the Horsell Residents Association (HRA) to help to maintain the Pares Woodland Garden which is a project set up by the HRA. This included planting bulbs in the nature area, litter picking and taking part in wildlife and plant surveys as part of a community service programme. Our nursery children have also visited the area as part of learning about nature.


The aim of the project is to volunteer our services to the local community to both benefit the community and teach our children about nature and the environment.


The Pares Woodland Garden was created a couple of years ago and we have been in contact with the HRA to offer our support for the project. 


The bulb planting and litter pick involved two staff from St. Andrew's and children from Year 8. The visit by the nursery involved staff and parent helpers and all the children from nursery.


The bulb planting and litter pick benefits the whole community, whilst the visit from our nursery children helped to give them an awareness of our local environment. We are hoping to continue helping again this year.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils from Year 8 at St. Andrew's took part this year and all the children from Nursery. We understand that working parties are also formed by other schools and community groups.


This is an ongoing project.