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St. Andrew's School: loaning facilities to The Horsell Village School

St.Andrew's loan their sports fields to The Horsell Village School for use after the end of the St. Andrew's Summer term (before The Horsell Village School breaks up for the summer).


To provide facilities to The Horsell Village School who do not have their own sports fields. We are aware that The Horsell Village School does not have any green space and so agreed to loan our facilities for use by the school during July (after St. Andrew's has finished the Summer term). The immediate beneficiaries are all the pupils in Year 2 (90) at The Horsell Village School, both boys and girls.


This is an agreement that has been running for many years.


The project uses our sports field.


The fact that the agreement has worked well and is repeated every year is testimony to the success of the arrangement. 


This is an ongoing event.