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St. Andrew's School: Defibrillator Project

St. Andrew's have helped to raise awareness of a new AED stored in the centre of the village and the training associated with using it. St. Andrew's has also promoted other initiatives and loaned facilities for local events, for example Woking Celebration.


The aim was to share the information regarding the new village Defibrillator as widely as possible together with the free training available in its use. Everyone in the wider community could benefit from this device and so St. Andrew's promoted the information through our newsletter and social media channels.


St. Andrew's has established contacts with the Horsell Residents Association over many years and seeks to become involved in as many local projects as possible.


Admin time to promote the project. Meetings to discuss parameters of projects and areas where we may assist, as they arise.


It is hard to quantify how many people may benefit from this information in the future but we are pleased that so many parents were receptive to the communications eg a number of likes on Facebook.


Ongoing through internal promotion.