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St. Andrew's: Participating in events to raise funds for St. Mary's Church and local schools

St. Andrew's School actively participates in events organised by the Horsell Residents Association (HRA), particuarly the annual Christmas Tree Festival and sponsorship of Christmas trees in the village.



To actively participate in events run by the HRA (Horsell Residents Association) to raise funds for the local church and schools. This has involved entering Christmas trees into the Christmas Tree Festival and organising a choir to sing during the Festival. In 2021 we also sponsored the purchase of Christmas trees in the village and actively promoted the Horsell Village Christmas Fair through inclusion in our newsletters and on St. Andrew's social media channels.


The Marketing Manager at St. Andrew's is a member of the HRA and looks out for opportunities for partnerships and/or projects that the school can take part in. The Christmas Tree Festival started in 2012 and St. Andrew's became involved in 2013. 


The children from St. Andrew's actively participate in the design of the Christmas tree and decorations each year for our entry. 


The children taking part benefit from the engagement with the local community and the opportunity to be part of the festival.

Pupil Involvement

A number of pupils are involved in the creative process of entering the tree festival and in prior years the choir have also been involved. The children are a range of ages (3-7) and both boys and girls.


This is an ongoing activity, annually.