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St Albans Half Marathon - medals and finishing line station

SCC provides many volunteers to pack/sort medals prior to the event and distrbute water/t-shirts and medals at finishing line throughout race day. About 8000 runners take part each year in a community running event which focuses fundraising for local charities. 


The half marathon organiser requested support from local charities and groups. The school's close proximity meant it is in an ideal position to support this community event. We were able to provide gazebos and tables for the finishing station. The school car park hosted hundreds of cars (donations going to the Project Respond -see below) providing easy access to the start line for runners. Over 50 school staff and parents helped out on the day of the event, manning the station between 8am - 3pm. Parents and students helped pack/sort medals at Westminster Lodge athletics track prior to race day. With 8000 runners the medals staiton required lots of willling and able volunteers. 


SCC has run the finishing line station for several years. Each year the numbers participating gets bigger.


Tables, gazebos, and many staff,students and parents


Note, car-parking was charged and water went to Project Respond -£600

See website for the many local charities that benefit from fundraising:

Pupil Involvement

10 CCF students car-parking, plus toilet access

30+ boys helped at medals station

5 boys helped with medal packing 

50+staff and parents ran the finishing line station


Annual  - June

Several years