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St Albans Cathedral Volunteering

We have two different volunteering opportunities at St Albans Cathedral on Friday afternoons. The first is within the Education Centre, which works with children, schools, and youth groups from all over the UK and overseas. The second is with the Cathedral Volunteering and Community Services team and pupils help at the welcome desk, take tours and provide admin support.


To provide the Cathedral with support on Friday afternoons. To provide our Sixth Form volunteers an opportunity to work with children of a variety of ages and backgrounds within a different educational setting or to further their communication skills by working with the public and wider community.


St Albans School was founded in 948 within St Albans Abbey. Whilst the school is now independent, we are neighbours and still have close associations with the Cathedral. The School has twice-weekly services in the Abbey. We have had a partnership with the Cathedral Education Centre for several years and this year for the first time, we have pupils helping the Volunteering and Community services team.


We request annual feedback from the Education Centre staff and the Volunteering and Community Services team. St Albans school pupils fill in a feedback form each year about their experiences.

Pupil Involvement

Two Sixth Form volunteers help in the Education Centre and a further two work with the Volunteering and Community services team.


Every Friday afternoon during term time.