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Sports Skills Day

Charlton Kings pupils enjoyed a day of coaching in hockey and rugby, provided by Dean Close's professional sports coaches.


The day aimed to provide opportunities for professional coaching to aspiring young sports girls and boys, which would not otherwise be available to them. They also trained and played with over 100 other children from different schools.


These Sports Skills Days have been held for over 10 years, with invitations sent out to Cheltenham primary schools and local prep schools, in order to support the development of those identified by their schools as having strong potential.


The day uses Dean Close facilities and professional sports coaches with lunch provided, free of charge.


Impact is assessed through the verbal feedback from pupils, school staff and parents.

Pupil Involvement

20 Years 5 and 6 pupils attended.


These Skill Days are held termly in different sports each term; the Hockey and Rugby day is held annually.