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Sports Outreach with Elmlea Junior School

Redmaids' High runs sport masterclasses for pupils at Elmlea Junior School. Recently, Kellie Hull, who is an Assistant Coach to the Severn Stars Netball U21 squad, ran a netball masterclass session at Redmaids' High for Elmlea pupils. Hockey masterclasses have also been held for pupils at Elmlea by Redmaids' High.

In addition, Year 10 and Year 12 sport leaders run sessions for pupils at Elmlea in sports such as hockey and athletics. The sport leaders also help to run the sports day at Elmlea every year.


The aim of the masterclasses is to improve the skills and ability of pupils in netball and other sports such as hockey.

Pupil Involvement

Students in year 10 and 12 at Redmaids' High run the sessions for the Elmlea Junior School pupils.