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Sports Masterclass

For the past two years Homefield Preparatory School have hosted pupils from Robin Hood Junior School to provide them with masterclasses in different sports, with the opportunity to use facilities and access specialist teaching not available to them in their school. Our sports teachers have delivered a series of athletics activities and have introduced Year 3 and 4 pupils to table tennis and tag rugby. Year 7 and 8 pupils from Homefield Preparatory School have worked with the younger pupils to them to develop their skills.


To offer opportunities to engage in sporting activities outside of the school curriculum.

To broaden the range of sports children are exposed to.


As part of our outreach work, in 2018 we developed an ongoing partnership with Robin Hood Junior School. Our Head of Sport made contact with Robin Hood Junior School's sports lead to identify opportunity to support teaching and learning in sport.


Homefield Preparatory School teaching staff.

Sport equipment.


During the one of the master classes one of the teachers from Robin Hood Junior School commented how amazed she was at the amount of progress the pupils had made and how she felt this was much more than any of their staff would have been able to get from the children. Further feedback post sessions includes 'I've spoken with the Year 3 staff today and they've all said how brilliant the sessions have been. They were particularly happy with the way the SEN children were catered for and said all the children got a lot from the sessions but the SEN children really benefited from it so a big thank you from all of us!'

Pupil Involvement

Year 3, 7 and 8 pupils from Homefield Preparatory School.

Year 3 and 4 pupils from Robin Hood School.


Project has been ongoing since 2018