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Sports Fixtures with local State Schools

Every term we host sports fixtures with a variety of local State Schools. 

We work very closely with Dulwich Hamlet Junior School and Belham Primary in all the main sports across Years 3 - 6


To offer a fun and inclusive sporting experience with the aim of forging pupil friendships across schools that build through sporting interaction.


This is well established and has been operating for several years.  It became clear that pupils from the three schools lived close together and had several shared experiences and so there were numerous benefits to them playing sport together.


We offer the use of our extensive sports facilities and equipment.


These events forge friendships across the schools and by implication across the State and Independent sectors.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils and genders from Years 3 - 6 experience these events at some point during their Primary School journey.


This is a well established rolling programme across the academic year.