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Sporting partnership with Saracens Rugby

A well established partnership with many young rugby players benefiting from this association; a clear pathway that has led many to go on play for England Youth teams.


A clear professional pathway for talented young rugby players.


Felsted's Head of Rugby, Andrew Le Chevalier, an ex professional rugby player, had established links with this local professional rugby club. This led to a formal school partnership that supports the growth of youth rugby and the progression into senior teams.


Felsted's Head of Rugby, Andrew Le Chevalier, works closely with Saracens, to identify and support talented young players.


Several Felsted rugby players have gone on to play for professional senior sides and indeed for their country. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from the age of approx 11 years of age benefit from this partnership. Most are boys, but girls rubgy is also supported, though not as a core sport at Felsted.


Partnership activity is mostly during the rugby season.