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Sponsorship - Newton Abbot RFC

Stover School has strong links with Newton Abbot Rugby Football Club with aims of further building our community ties, whilst providing support for a local club that offers the wider community a fantastic opportunity to learn, master or continue with a sport into adulthood. 


To increase community links and build strong relationships based on mutual benefit.


The school has worked with Newton Abbot Rugby Club for many years including sponsorship, hosting rugby camps, attending events and also sharing staffing and heavy-duty machinery. Our groundsmen have strong relationships with many members and they currently look after parts of their site in exchange for advertising space. 


Resources include staff non-teaching staff time. Machinery is also used on an ad-hoc basis. School and Club share resources as appropriate, though both are separately well resourced.


The partnership provides outstanding resources for both school and club for training and practice throughout the year.

Pupil Involvement

Over the past few years, facilities have been shared including using Stover School as part of their February Half Term Camps. Our boarding pupils have also visited for matches and other events.

Pupils are aged between 8-18 Years.