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SPLATS Science Day with Cawthorne Primary School

The event is run by Martin Wesley from Sphere Science and each activity is led by Year 10 pupils from QEGS and WGHS.  Members of WGHS/QEGS science staff also supervise the events. There are six activities:  Fire, Kites, Solar Circuit, Rollers, Earth & Science, Marble Run. The groups are mixed (boys and girls).

There are 7 other state primary schools involved in this project and both our own Junior schools (boys and girls).  Schools involved are Flanshaw J & I,Jerry Clay Academy, New Beverley Community School, Pinders Primary Schol, Rook's Nest Academy, The Vale Primary School plus WGHS Junior and QEGS Junior Schools.


The project is run in-house here at WGHS Senior and QEGS Senior School using school facilities with involvement from science teaching staff and training members of Year 10.  The event runs over two full days.

Pupil Involvement


The pupils involved are from independent schools and state schools.

The pupils are all from Year 5 - 268 boys/155 girls

The pupils that attend are both boys and girls.


This event has run once every year from 2012 to date.