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South West Artist Teachers (SWAT)

South West Artist Teachers welcomes anyone in North Wiltshire or the wider south west area who is passionate about art, craft and design education in both formal and informal settings, involving any age group, sector or level. Our aim is to regularly meet on an informal basis to share experiences, ideas and questions – as well as skills, knowledge and creativity. Together, we can shape the future of Art education in our locality.


Facilitate subject specific CPD and opportunities for collaboration

A twice yearly meeting that includes a workshop offered by its members for its members

Students of practitioners, Art Society Young Arts representative has a platform to showcase opportunities, Selection of students into the National Royal Society of British Artists Scholars Programme, SMC Art Council, School Governors of partner schools (attendance dependent)


The need was identified to facilitate subject specific CPD that was not on offer in schools

As a National Society for Education in Art and Design Member, Kimberley Appleyard Pallot founded the SWAT to create the opportunity for collaboration and the sharing of good practice

2.5 years


Facilities, venue, equipment for workshops

The Art Department and Catering

The Art Team




Number of attendees has increased

After each meeting

Contribution to Staff’s CPD, Students gain the benefit of a practitioner whose CPD has been updated

Pupil Involvement

Students highlight key areas of focus of the Workshop through demonstration or presentation

None as yet

Sixth Form



Twice a Year

Not currently done