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Social Walks with Group for Visually Impaired people (MSSC)

Our pupils acted as sighted guides for visually impaired members of the local charity Merton Sport and Social Club. This group organises sporting and outdoor activities for its sighted and non-sighted members. Our pupils' involvement allowed visually impaired members to take part in a short, sunny walk in Richmond Park. An added bonus was, as our pupils were doing the guiding, the guide dogs could come off duty and scamper around to their hearts' content. 

Our pupils were confident and sociable guides, having been given a brief training session by MSSC leader Terry James.

The walk was enjoyed by all, and will be repeated monthly.  


This activity allowed our pupils to become more aware of the needs of visually impaired people and more confident in interacting them.  Their sunny and sociable natures were vital in making the afternoon a fun and intersting walk.  More importantly, their guiding made it much easier for the partially sighted guests to be involved in the walk, and enjoy a relaxed afternoon in the outdoors.

Pupil Involvement

5 year 12 pupils from IPS. 


Ideally this will run each month, and we may bring in tandem cycling activities.