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Sixth Form mentoring

Sixth form girls have been helping out in lessons and after school clubs at William Morris School. 


The aim of the project is to strengthen the bonds between Tudor Hall and William Morris, to provide support and to enable the students of Tudor Hall to particpate more fully in the Banbury community. 


A member of the senior management team at Tudor Hall is a governor at William Morris school. This was one opportunity for partnering that was disucssed and implemented. The project has been going for a year. 


William Morris have stated as part of an impact statement with regard to all of our links between the schools that 'having a group of confident young adults come to the school on a regular basis has allowed us to pursue opportunties which otherwise we woudl not have been able to do. Through supporting PE lessons and reading, the girls have developed stong relationships with the children at William Morris, providing them with positive role models. The girls are nurturing and kind, engaging them the children in interesting and exciting games. They are flexible and adaptable to the individual needs of our school and the impact of having the Tudor Hall girls visit regularly has been huge and felt in all year groups'. 

Pupil Involvement

The students who volunteer are between the ages of 16-18 and they assist with all age ranges at William Morris School.


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