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Shrewsbury Half Marathon

Members of the School community (pupils; staff; parents; former pupils) annually run the Shrewsbury Half Marathon raising funds for a variety of charities. 


For the school community to join together to participate in the town's half marathon and raise a significant amount of money for a worthy cause each year, in conjunction with the School's Charity Committee.


The Shrewsbury Half Marathon is an annual event which has taken place since 2013. Every year a team of Shrewsbury School runners has participated and aimed to raise significant sums for a particular charity.  These have included both UK and global charities.

2019 charities were the Andrew Green Foundation in Haiti  The Andrew Green Foundation’s mission is to give the people of Haiti the resources to develop themselves through education and microfinance. 

Also Medic Malawi 

Medic Malawi is a hospital in Mtunthuma, rural Malawi, together with a clinic for feeding the malnourished and an orphanage for 70 children.


Administrative support is provided by the school in order to maximise charitable giving effort.


Significant amounts of money are raised. In 2017 the School raised over £10,000 for the Andrew Green Foundation aiding reconstruction in Haiti following the earthquake there in 2010. In 2018 the school raised over £13,000 towards Medic Malawi. 

In 2019 we raised £595 for Medic Malawi and £5000 for the Andrew Green Foundation in Haiti.

Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form pupils / parents and staff join together.  Approximately 50 runners participate in total.