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Severn Stars Nova Academy

Wycliffe host one of the Severn Stars Netball Nova Academies, providing all facilities and coaching staff.


The aim of this partnership is to support Severn Stars Netball in running a number of regional 'Nova' academies, which aims to recruit and provide elite training to talented young netballers.

Wycliffe has first class netball facilities and access to the best coaches, which it is able to provide to the academy for no charge.

This benefits young netball players in the region from all back grounds.


The partnerships was established in Sep 2018, having been identified through discussions between Wycliffe sports team and Severn Stars.


Wycliffe provides its sports hall, which includes two full size netball courts one evening per week and access to its gym for strength and conditioning work one evening per week.

All coaching staff are provided by Wycliffe. 


The academy has been very successful in its first year in developing and training local netball players.

Pupil Involvement

No pupils are involved in running the Nova Academy


Sep - May : two evenings per week during the school term.