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SEERIH Collaboration

Has compromised two main themes: 2017-2018 - CPD for primary science leaders BGS hosted two free CPD days for Bury primary science leaders as part of a collaboration with The University Manchester and Derby High School. On the first of these the teachers were involved in workshops delivered by BGS staff from each science specialism. The second day in July included a practical session on the Science of Sweets as well as some work on common children’s misconceptions and supporting them to work scientifically. Approximately 12 primary teachers attended each day. This has improved subject knowledge and pedagogy across teachers from several local primary schools which will lead to an increased pupil knowledge and engagement. 2018-2019 - Science Conference This year BGS hosted The University of Manchester’s 3rd SEERIH Annual Primary Science Conference in November 2018, where the school offered ideal workshop and lecture areas, as well as use of laboratory, outdoor and marketplace spaces. BGS offered staff costs free of charge as well as benefiting from staff attending the conference itself. 130 primary teachers from across Greater Manchester attended this sponsored event. This clearly had a massive impact on many primary teachers which again will lead to hopefully improved pupil outcomes We are hopeful to be involved in more partnership work with The University of Manchester, but this is to be confirmed.