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Science in Action

The school provides the opportunity for youngsters considering a career in the medical profession to experience what life is like in a high-tech operating theatre. From mixing anaesthetic to performing a very realistic heart transplant, the students work with real-life surgeons over the course of a weekend of activities.


The course is designed to highlight the skills and temperament needed in order to pursue a career in the medical profession. Participants gain a real insight into the work of an operating theatre and are better equipped to tackle university interviews when the time comes.


The school provides facilities and hospitality for all participants. 


Students have been offered places at Oxbridge having taken part in the course with many saying it provided them with a much greater understanding ahead of their crucial application process.

Pupil Involvement

Around 100 pupils from Year 10-13 attended the course


Operating Theatre Live is staged most years at the school as part of its Aspiring Medics programme of activities.