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Science in Action

Suzie Imber, winner of the BBC programme "So you want to be an astronaut?" visitied school to provide lectures and practical workshops to primary age pupils from 7 local schools. The day was designed to make participants aware of the potential for space science and the avenues availble to those who pursue it.


The project was part of the school's on-going engagement work to introduce young people to a variety of keynote speakers from the world of STEM. Participants left the day excited and inspired and keen to find out more about the opportunities available to them.


School facilities and materials were all provided free of charge to those who attended workshops across the day.

Pupil Involvement

Almost 400 pupiols took part in the workshops with pupils from Years 5 & 6 making up the bulk of the audience.


The event was part of the school's Science in Action programme to provide acceess to exciting speakers and STEM resources to pupils from local schools.