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Sale of Work 2019

We look forward to welcoming members of the local community on Saturday for this year's Sale of Work.  There will be stalls, games and events from village residents, school houses, parents and the wider community, and we will hoping to raise around £10,00 to add to the funds already in the pot from house dinners.  Last year's school and village were able to distribute nearly £18,00 to a wide variety of local, At the annual Sale of Work Donations meeting representatives of the school and village communities distributed over £17,000 to a wide range of charities - regional, national and international, with a particular focus on the very local, including Repton Lunch Club, Repton Village Hall, the British Legion, Repton and Newton Solney Primary Schools, Repton Casuals, Repton Evergreens and Ticknall Cricket Club.

Pupil Involvement

Every Repton pupil takes part in Sale of Work.


Series of events taking place in Michaelmas Term with the principal emphasis on a day of fundraising in November.