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Charterhouse and RNCSF have started our partnership this year and our first student is joining in September 2022


The aim is to provide a transformational bursary and experience to young people.

The evidence that social mobility can be improved, and the lives improved of family and friends of 100% bursary-holders over many years.

The bursary holder's assessment that the experience has been a positive one for them and onward higher education.


RNCSF and Charterhouse both wanted to establish a partnership and worked together during 20-21 to set this up and find a young person we all feel will thrive here.


The School's facilities and quality of education and pastoral care are all critical to the success.

The bursary is worth the annual school fees plus extras for two years in this case.

Charterhouse has worked with a bursary fund linked to the School to fund the place.



Impact will be assessed on an ongoing basis from September 2022, via school reports, assessment of the pupil's well-being and communication between the pupil, their family, their community partner, the school and RCNSF.

Pupil Involvement

One female pupil aged 16 


This is the first of what we hope will be an ongoing arrangement.