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Rowdown Foundation


To work in partnership with the Rowdown Foundation to help children fulfil their ambitions in their ‘Inspire to Aspire’ theme.


Background and Goals

The Rowdown Foundation was established to provide extra impetus for pupils (in 4 different primary schools from the New Addington area) and help a few of the pupils to have a dream beyond their normal horizons and to fulfil their ambitions.  Working in partnership with parents, the Foundation also seeks to support parental engagement in their child’s education and enhance the wellbeing of their children.

As a small, targeted charity, the Rowdown Foundation helps a few pupils at a time.  Royal Russell are delighted to support their academic Tuition Programme and offers English and Maths Masterclasses for up to 20 Year 4 pupils, as well as an introduction to Verbal Reasoning.


Frequency and duration

These masterclasses take place on a weekly basis and last for an hour.  Homework is also set as part of the Tuition Programme.  The lessons are challenging and focus on stretching the pupils’ understanding of the subjects.  By taking part in the programme, it is the aim that it will improve the children’s chance of passing 11+ entrance exams to the required standard for places at grammar or independent schools with the necessary scholarships or bursaries.