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Rotary Clubs of Bristol and Clifton - Youth Speaks

Clifton High School hosts an annual event 'Youth Speaks', organised by Rotary Clubs of Bristol and Clifton, providing a venue, facilities and refreshments.  Youth Speaks offers a wonderful opportunity for pupils aged 11 to 17 from schools throughout Bristol and surrounding area to speak publicy about a subject of their choice.  It helps develop useful skills and pupils blossom when faced with this exciting challenge.  Each year around forty pupils participate and teams who perform well have the opportunity to progress to the Rotary District and National Finals


To help young people from Bristol and surrounding area to develop useful skills and confidence.


Use of an ideal venue for public speaking, facilities and refreshments


Helps young people to develop skills that will help in their future careers and life generally

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from maintained schools in and around Bristol take part.  Aged between 11 and 17 years.