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Roedean Mission

Over a hundred years since its founding, the Mission continues to target significantly under privileged children, often focusing its awards to groups which give restorative holidays to abused and emotionally deprived children.  


The mission has been in force since 1967.  It was originally set up by the ORA and Roedean School and is now run in partnership between the two.


The original financial contribution was made put into trust in 1967.  Each year, the school arranges a collection towards the fund from the school Carol Service.  


Most recent grants have been awarded to the following:

Bristol Children's Help Society

Sightsavers - used at their discretion, for example, to fund cataract operations for several children. 

The Children's Adventure Farm Trust - provide a life changing holiday to a child

Up n' Away - helping 600 deprived and vulnerable young people to access their summer holiday programmes.

cchf - all about Kids - giving disadvantaged children a residential break away from the hardships in their lives where special times are rare.

Camp Horizon - enabling 92 children from low income families with special needs to benefit from a holiday break.

Hawkspring - supporting vital work with children and young people whose lives are affected by substance misuse.