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RI Primary Maths Masterclasses

We ran a Royal Institution Maths masterclass for 27 year 5 girls from 5 schools, including St Helens. About 12 sixth form girls were also trained by the Ri to deliver 4 of the masterclasses and about 6 other girls helped at these sessions. The other 2 sessions were delivered by members of staff from the Ri.


To build relationships with local schools

To deliver primary Maths Masterclasses

To develop Sixth Form session leaders


In October 2018 we contacted the RI with a view to running a series of Maths Masterclasses as a hub to a number of local schools. We invited 12 local primary schools to attend, and ran the Masterclasses in Spring 2019 for pupils from 4 schools (in addition to our own pupils)

We propose to run a similar series of Masterclasses, hopefully for a larger number of schools and pupils, in 2020


Staff and Sixth Form pupil volunteers

Additional consumables as required by each activity


The invited schoools have not yet return ed feedback forms to Ri urned to Ri feedback forms but all of the girls seemed to enjoy each session and all but 1 girl turned up every week. St Helen's pupils enjoyed the masterclasses; Sixth Form volunteer leaders used the experience to support their applications for positions of responsibility in Year 13


Pupil Involvement

27 year 5 girls from five schools. There were 8 girls from St Helen's, 3 from Priestmead, and 4 or 5 girls from each of the other schools.


The sessions ran for 6 Saturdays from 10am - 12pm between 16th February & 30th March 2019

We hope to run this as an annual event in the Spring Term