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Retreats and Sports Days

St. Augustine's School has a beautiful Chapel and excellent facilities that it shares with other local schools. It offers local primary schools use of these facilities for a day of retreat led by our Religious Studies Department.  It also offers the use of its extensive Astroturf for Sports Days to local primary schools.


The aim of the project is to share our facilities with local schools as best suits their needs. Our beautiful chapel and grounds are ideally suited as a venue for a day of prayer and reflection away from the usual school site. 

The immediate beneficiaries are the children but the sharing between schools builds cohesion and benefits the wider community.


The project arose from discussions with local schools as to the most appropriate way to make use of the facilities offered and has been established for five years.


The most critical resource is the time given by the Religious Studies Department to plan and lead the retreat. The Estates and Catering departments are also involved in the running of the day.

For Sports Days, Support Staff and Estates help to faciliate the events. 

No financial contribution is requested.  


The assessment is by way of requested feedback to ensure that the day continues to meet the aims of a retreat day for the partnership school.

Pupil Involvement

All Year 6 pupils attend the retreat.

Sports Days are attended by a whole primary school, staff and their parents.


These are annual activities that are planned to take place for the foreseeable future.