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Residential Courses and Holidays at Pocklington School

Various clubs, groups and societies use facilities at Pocklington School to run residential courses and holidays. 

Groups which have benefited from this venture are Sheffield City Youth Orchestra and Welcome Church and children in the local community who attend the DB Sport sport activity camps during the summer holidays.


The aim of the venture is to provide affordable accomodation, in a large meeting venue with excellent facilities, for a wide variety of clubs, societies and sporting, musical, theatrical and social groups.  The facilities are all on one campus, which makes it a safe and convenient environment.


A reperesentative from one of the residents commented: 'Welcome Hall Evangelical Church has been running an annual church holiday for decades and this was our fourth year staying at Pocklington School. With York, the coast, the Wolds and numerous tourist attractions all within easy reach, there really is something for everyone. The campus is beautiful, the bedrooms are comfortable (many with en-suite showers), the food is outstanding and the staff are truly delightful. We cannot recommend Pocklington School's holiday accommodation highly enough, and look forward to being back next year.'     

Pupil Involvement



The school facilities are available for use during school holidays and will continue for the forseeable future.