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Redmaids' High Community Choir and Local Performances

Redmaids' High has organised various musical performances for local residents, which are performed out and about in the community. Recently, to raise money for the Bristol Zoo Lemur Project, the Redmaids' High string quartets joined forces to play at a local cafe and Christmas Market. In addition to this, pupils have performed at the Remembrance Service on Whiteladies road as well as at Bupa.

Redmaids' High also has a Community Choir, bringing parents, staff (past and present), alumnae and the wider school community together to sing. The choir has performed at school concerts and meets regularly to practise.


The aim of the performances is to entertain and share the girls' musical talents with locals.The community choir brings together the wider school community to perform and enjoy music.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from across the school are involved in the performances from Year 7 to Year 13. The Redmaids' High Community Choir has also sang alongside the girls. The choir involves parents, alumnae and the wider school community.