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Redmaids' High Annual Speaker Programme

Every year local residents, staff, students and parents are invited to attend the Redmaids' High Annual Speaker Programme in Redland Hall, where previous speakers have included television presenter/adventurer Steve Backshall and Ice maiden /army reservist LSgt Sophie Montagne. 

A Lance Sergeant in the Honourable Artillery Company, Sophie recounted the record-breaking 1,700km trek she and her fellow female adventurers undertook over the uninhabited Antarctic landscape for 61 days earlier this year. While Steve Backshall talked about his is life, career, travels and interests before being interviewed by students at Redmaids' High.

In addition, when Redland Hall was officially opened in 2018, a community launch for the hall was held in addition to the school one to celebrate the new building with neighbours.


The aim of the talks is to bring the school community together to listen to fascinating keynote speeches given by inspirational people. 


Keynote speeches are given every year at Redmaids' High and everyone in the school community is invited to attend, including local residents.

Pupil Involvement

The talks attract both adults and children alike covering a wide range of ages and backgrounds.