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Ready and Able Club

Ready and Able club is an inclusive sports session run weekly by Horsham District Council at Bluecoats Leisure Centre with Christ's Hospital Pupil Volunteers.
It is for people with any disability, thier family and friends and aims to provide fun through activity and an opportunity to meet people.


To develop relationships with the local community by offering the schools facilities and practical help and learning experiences
To reduce loneliness amongst disabled people in the local community by providing a regular club they can attend, get involved in activities and meet new people
To provide wide-ranging contrasting learning experiences for all pupils involved
To encourage volunteers and pupils to engage locally with members of the community


5-10 Christ’s Hospital pupils per week, School sports facilities and equipment.


The Ready and Able club helps improve activities for local disabled people which can result in a reduction of loneliness and improved mental health
It enables the local community to use the facilities at Christ's Hospital.

Pupil Involvement

5-10 Christ's Hospital pupils, School sports centre and facilities.


Weekly, ongoing