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Reach Out does STEM Challenge 2015

In conjunction with Science Week and DIY Faraday Challenge, children were given the task of designing a Ping-Pong ball launch machine. Models were all varied with some shooting confetti whilst others served two balls at once!


STEM has always been a popular attended event on our outreach calendar. Feedback has also supported the demand for STEM subjects and our approach is always to introduce creative ways of engaging engineering into our events. Children attend in teams and have to communicate, negotiate and think critically in all aspects of the task.



Research and feedback demonstrates a lack of STEM enrichment and/or resources for Primary children.

This challenge aims to inspire children with bright potential into STEM subjects, as well as think critically about engineering in design, technology and construction.



We adapt rescources available through IET Faraday.

Staff include DT technicians, support staff, teaching staff and SLT.

All resources are available to access free-of-charge on the Reach Out website.

Financial contribution was kindly supported by HSBC.

Pupil Involvement

A total of 84 boys and girls from 13 local county and city primaries participated.

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