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Reach Out does Nurture Outdoor Learning 2018

We invited two schools to join us for a day of outdoor learning in our outdoor learning space: Upnah woods. We invited nurture group children who were given the opportunity to shine outside the classroom environment. 


To offer children the opportunity to work in teams and individually to test their outdoor skills in a environment away from the classroom. To provide chances for children to build teamwork skills, confidence in their ability in outdoor pursuit related tasks.


We have run Nurture Outdoor Learning tasks in the past and they have been incredibly successful with students when able to flourish outside their learning environment. We find the outdoor learning space is fantastic for Nurture groups as they are able to develop and test themselves in a non-confining environment allowing them to develop their communication skills, team work skills and also build their confidence in their own ability. We have run this event for over 3 years now and have had such incredible feedback for the impact this day has on students


Use of Upnah woods, the schools own outdoor learning environment, also with access and use of the school’s fundraised pizza oven. Staff: 2 members of teaching staff, 2 non-teaching staff.


Children asked to complete a happiness barometer at the start of the day and end of the day. All students showed an improvement in happiness throughout the day. Visually as well, the student’s confidence grew throughout the day, they engaged with every individual. Students became confident to challenge themselves and participate more and more throughout the day.

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