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Reach Out does Nurture Outdoor Learning 2017

We have had two fantastic days of Nurture Outdoor Learning starting Tuesday 4 July.

Tuesday’s schools were divided into two groups and had the opportunity to brave the climbing wall, Upnah Wood ropes course, Spider’s Webb and other team building activities including Tower Build.

We had a larger single group on Wednesday with pupils mixing across all schools. After some challenges, children began building dens, hunting for pine cones and even built a Pine Cone City with Pine Cone Castle.

The sessions were aimed to give nurture groups the opportunity to shine outside of the classroom, challenging themselves on some scary obstacles and taking roles of leadership. The day tested communication, negotiation and we saw some fantastic new relationships form.


Nurture Outdoor Learning was event specifically designed for Nurture classes. It gives children the opportunity to be outside of the classroom, work on team building and leadership skills. 

The feedback from staff attending the sessions has been extremely positive: "All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gained a lot through mixing with and supporting the two other schools that attended with us. Children that wouldn't normally lead/encourage other came out of their shell, which was fantastic to watch."


This is the first year we offered a dedicated Nurture group session.

The event will be repeated for next year.


Our Upnah Wood and climbing wall were the key resources to this event, as well as our Outdoor Learning team.

Pupil Involvement

59 boys and girls ranging from Years 3 - 6 across 10 schools.