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Reach Out does Dyslexia Awareness 2016

Our third learning support initiative event was led by NGHS Head of Educational Support, Ms Cate Harvey. This year was dedicated to preparing for SATs with an emphasis on the core primary subjects and tactile learning. This was also the first year that we opened the event to parents, whom would like to offer more support or gather more information about support their child through their learning life.

Attendees from various schools across the city and county rotated between literacy, numeracy and science, using alternative resources including Play dough and Lego.

Children were also provided with a logbook to take any useful tips and revision notes away with them, with parents also gaining knowledge and understanding by observing their children throughout the day.


This year we aimed to have an open event for pupils, teachers and parents to establish a wider supportive community for children with dyslexic tendencies.

The delivery was also focused around SATs preparation, giving our participating children practical learning strategies moving forward.


A popular event in the past, Dyslexia Awareness is popular with SEN staff and parents. 

Feedback from children has included "I am proud to be dyslexic."


Resources were designed and delivered by teaching staff from English, Physics and Maths. 

Each department were encouraged to use alternatives resources for learning methods.