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Reach Out does Creative Music Day 2016

Lead by our Junior School Music Coordinator, children were given the task of composing new music and SFX to go along side a short slip of Wall-E

Children were split into two groups and half worked on accompanying music, whilst the others created sounds from objects and instruments found in the room. Sounds were then manipulated to give the clip the mechanical and ‘clinking’ sounds it needed.

Each group then listened to what the others had created before Mr Rolfe combined both. We hope you enjoy watching what our musicians and SFX team got up to.


Creative Music Day aimed to give children creative freedom is creating their own music and SFX for a movie short. 

This event offered an opportunity for a non-academic focused partnership, enabling more children to be involved in the programme

Pupil Involvement

46 boys and girls from Years 5 and 6. 

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