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RaG Week Fundraising

RaG Week (Friday 11th – Thursday 17th February) is an annual event organised by the RaG Society with the help of the school prefects to raise money for the school’s charities. This year the school supported the YMCA and Taunton Opportunities Group.


Students are encouraged to come up with their own fundraising activities. Promoted working together as well as identifying the need for kindness and charity within the local community.


This is an annual event run by the students and staff.


Several of the schools' facilities are used throughout the week. Teaching staff also participate in events.


The week connects the students with the local community, they gain a clear understanding of why they are raising money. Over £3,000 was raised for the YMCA and Taunton Opportunities Group.

Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form students run the events, but students of any age can participate.


A week, once a year.