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Pupils Attending IPS Zoom Sessions for Early University Application Advice

Last week (w/b 22/6/20), IPS arranged two Zoom sessions to help our early applicant LVIs.  These are pupils thinking of applying to medical school or to Oxford or Cambridge University.

The Oxbridge Zoom session was led by Laurence Bialy, a recent graduate in Classics from Jesus College, Oxford, who offered some fantastic advice about college choice. He also spoke enthusiastically about what life at Oxbridge is really like, dispelling some misconceptions.

The medic session was run by 3 recent alumni of IPS, and they discussed their experiences of medical school interviews and gave advice about how best to use work experience.

Both of these excellent sessions were offered to pupils at Christ's School, Richmond.

Pupil Involvement

3 Year 12 pupils from Christ's School attended.