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Provision of Swimming Lessons - St Leonard's Primary School

Under this partnership, the new indoor 25-metre, 4-lane competition standard swimming pool opened in June 2017 is offered to classes from St Leonard’s Primary School. The facilities, transport to and from the partner schools to the pool and coaching and lifeguarding, for each to have a weekly 1.5 hours swimming session, are provided by Sports Department staff and qualified pupils. All this is provided free of charge. This has allowed St Leonard’s, who would otherwise not have been able to offer swimming to their pupils due to resource constraints, to take part in a substantial programme of swimming and recreation.










The aim of the partnership was to provide swimming lessons to pupils at local primary schools who otherwise would not have been able to access such a resource. It was identified early on that transport was a major issue and so Exeter School provides the minibus and driver so that pupils from St Leonard's can easily access the pool.

The immediate benefits include safety, physical health, cognitive development and confidence among many others.


During the construction of the pool, Exeter School realised there would be times that their pupils would not be accessing the facility. In order to provide the widest public benefit they reached out to St Leonard's and the project developed from there. The partnership started in June 2017.


Exeter School provide use of the pool, provision of life guards and pool management, the provision of transport (minibuses and drivers) free of charge to St Leonard's. A weekly slot of 1.5 hours is provided.


While no qualitative or quantitative assessment of the benefits of the activity has been made at this stage, we are confident that the project provides significant benefit to pupils of St Leonard's who would otherwise not be able to access swimming lessons.

Pupil Involvement

St Leonard's - pupils from 4 to 11

Exeter School - pupils in the Sixth Form who have trained as lifeguards


This is an ongoing partnership and there are no current plans for it to end.