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Project Ghana

In 2012 Nilen Vyas (deputy head boy) visited the Seventh Day Adventist Junior High School in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana. Since then we have taken two expeditions to the school involving 20 students in 2013 and a further 23 students in 2015. A further expedition is currently being planned for 2018. Daniel Effah is the Head Teacher of the SDA Junior High School. Daniel spent a fortnight with us in Spring 2014 and made a huge impression on all who met him.

Kwahu-Tafo is a very poor agricultural community where every member of the community places a high value on education.

Daniel has in the region of 100 students in his school. This number will vary as students often drop out of school when relatives are poorly, the family needs help on their land, or funds run out. 

When we were in Kwahu-Tafo this summer we managed to complete the ground work and walls of the OHGS library. We would really love to put a roof on this building, and equip it with some textbooks for the students to use, they all so desperately want to learn. We are also looking to build up a scholarship fund to help students in Kwahu-Tafo attend school, their schooling often finishes after Junior High School when the family can no longer afford to send them to school.


What is a little to us goes an awfully long way in Ghana and makes a huge difference to the small community in Kwahu-Tafo. Our direct link with the Kwahu-Tafo Progress Council also means that every single penny we raise gets passed on directly to the young people and has a huge impact on accessibility of education.


The broaden the outlook of all the students involved. Everyone benefits, the community of Tafo from the fundraising and resource provision and our own students from the understanding they develop of other cultures and children from very different backgrounds and circumstances to their own.


Humphrey Barclay approached Oldham Hulme Grammar School in 2012. The partnership has developed from there. 


Staff time and the support of Partner Ghana who facilitate our visits to Kwahu-Tafo. A variety of teachng and non teaching staff have aprticipated i the ntrip and in the fundraising assoicated with the project. we have pledged to raise a minimum of £1000 per annum for our partner school in Kwahu-Tafo. In reailty we contribute much more than this, particularly in years when we take groups of students out to Ghana.


The imapct of the parnership is assessed on every visit and overseen by the Kwahu-Tafo Progress Council and the Ghanain school's PTFA.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from year 10 and above are eligable to travel but all our pupils know about the project and are actively involved in the fundraising.


This is an ongoing activity and will continue for the foreseeable future.

The next trip is planned for 2023.